Amber Ray discusses why she tells the world everything about her life

Faith Makau, better known online as Amber Ray, is a controversial socialite, brand influencer, and creator of digital content. She is opening up about why she posts significant information about her personal life online, whether it is positive or negative news.

In response to comments on her most recent video, the socialite and nightclub hostess shared her motivation for opening up. She shared that her second baby daddy Kennedy Rapudo had prepared dinner and decked the hallway and bed with rose petals when she returned home.

After this, a fan made a comment reminding Amber that, only a month prior, she had been bemoaning on social media about her altercation with Rapudo, which had resulted in physical harm.

An Instagram user going by the handle Okoth Queenter wrote, “Na kesho utatuandika paragraph ati ulichapwa (and then tomorrow you’ll come here and write a long paragraph telling us how you were beaten)… following carefully from Mathare.”

In response, Amber continued by saying that she couldn’t tell her fans only positive things.

Amber continued by reminding her admirers and supporters that they had chosen to invest in her life—her love life, to be more precise—and that they should be prepared to absorb everything that she shared.

“Si mlichagua kukua a part of this,” she continued, concluding the text with an emoji of laughter.

That means, “But you are the ones who chose to be a part of this.”

In an interview three weeks prior, Amber stated that she would fight to protect her relationship with Rapudo, even if she would try to keep things quiet as they worked through their difficulties.

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