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Amber Ray explains why most people tend to hate on her

April 04, 2022 at 09:56
Amber Ray explains why most people tend to hate on her

Socialite Amber Ray says she is aware that there are people out here who hate her because they believe she is not a good person. However judging by the fact that she has been accused of stealing peoples husbands; and is known to use dark powers to allegedly charm her men –  why wouldn’t people dislike her, right?

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Amber Ray dark ways exposed by former BFF

But thanks to a new post shared on her page, Amber Ray goes to explain herself in the caption saying;

I know some people are not happy with me, because I am not so good.. But few people surely love me, because they know that my little goodness is not fake.#amberthebrand

Amber Ray with ex Syd, an alleged married man

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Wait…since when did Amber Ray really care about what people say about her? For a minute there she made it seem like the bad girl in her wants some sympathy for the first time.

No Jimal Roho Safi, no noise

However come to think of it, Amber Ray only made serious news back when she was dating Amira’s husband, Jimal Roho Safi.

But ever since the fella moved back to his wife’s home in Syokimau – both him and Amber Ray seem to remain irrelevant. I guess controversy sells better in these online streets…so hopefully Amber Ray has a back up plan to get fans talking about her again; cause honestly the West African hunk boyfriend ain’t working for the fans.


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