Amber Ray Explains Why She Can Never Date Oga Obinna

Despite Oga Obinna’s longtime affection on her, Kenyan socialite Amber Ray has stated why she would never be able to date him.
The influencer stated that Obinna does not have a chance with her because he has had problems with his baby mom in a recent interview with Vincent Mboya.

“Haiwezi. Haiwezi kwanza vile naskia baby mama wake ni stressful sana, staki stress za baby mama. Haiwezi but namwishia all the best he is a good guy I have met him severally we have done job mingi pamoja, he is a good guy yeah,” Amber Ray expressed.

This follows Amber Ray’s recent breakup with Kennedy Rapudo, her fiancé, which had Oga Obinna publicly declare on social media that he wanted to date her.

He even declared that he would be willing to look after Amber Ray’s kids.

“Wanasema you be your brother’s keeper bro, Amber Ray hawezi lala njaa na niko hii Nairobi, watoto nitalea, watoto mimi nitalea watoto bwana,” Obinna wrote.

On social media, Oga Obinna also showed off his Range Rover Sport and revealed his intention to visit Amber Ray’s home to offer consolation during her trying moments.
Amber Ray reportedly broke up with Kennedy recently due to his ‘violent’ nature. She shared a series of posts concerning the same;

“The foundation of love and unity that should uphold a marriage has become unclear, leaving me emotionally drained. I’ve endured this environment for some time now, and for the sake of my own well-being and safety, I had to make the difficult choice of prioritizing myself. The wounds and scars extend beyond the physical, and for my own sake, I must put myself first,” she expressed.

“I realize that the upcoming days and weeks will pose challenges for me, but I prefer to find inner peace rather than maintain a false facade. I’d rather speak my truth than let rumors tarnish the life my family and I have built so far. Things at home haven’t been ideal, but they will improve. My family will be okay, and in time, so will I,” she added.

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