Amber Ray Explains Why She’s Consuming Alcohol Despite Requirement Of Breast-Feeding Her Baby

Socialite Amber Ray has responded to analysis from individuals who addressed why she was taking liquor at this point she should breastfeed.
Regularly, specialists encourage breastfeeding moms to try not to drink for the period that they are breastfeeding their infants as it might influence their milk.

In a video shared on Sauti television on TikTok, Amber Ray, who welcomed her baby girl two months ago, uncovered that she began drinking subsequent to getting a gesture from the specialist.

Her video left web-based entertainment clients with blended responses in with a contemplating whether that was because of a medical issue or in view of her way of life.

“I know hufai kunywa pombe until mtoto amefikisha six months kwa wale wananyonyesha. I tried to breastfeed, my baby is now two months old but maziwa ilikataa kabisa. I tried everything. I was looking forward to breastfeeding but ilikataa kabisa. So daktari akaniambia kama imekataa imekataa, si if I’m not breastfeeding that’s why naweza kunywa,” she said. (I know you’re not supposed to drink until after six months…but my milk refused. The doctor told me if I cannot breastfeed then I can’t breastfeed, that’s why I’m drinking).

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