Amber Ray leaves Kennedy Rapudo, moves out of his house

Image: Amber Ray celebrates herself

Amber Ray appears to be announcing the breakdown of her relationship with Kennedy Rapudo, the father of her second child. Amber is not at the opulent mansion she formerly lived with Kennedy Rapudo in a recent Instagram video.

Her stunning engagement ring was missing, which her admirers noticed as well. On Saturday, October 14, Amber Ray posted pictures on her social media accounts, igniting speculation about her living situation and relationship status.

The socialite appeared in a completely different environment in these photographs. The new home was somewhat smaller than the lavish penthouse, yet it was equipped with familiar things from her prior home.

The mother of two children revealed on October 13 that she was dating Kennedy Rapudo, the father of her youngest child.

“The love and unity that a marriage should stand on becomes blurred, and eventually it leaves you drained. I have been in that environment for a while now, and my peace and safety have made it impossible for me to stay. The bruises and scars go beyond the physical, and for my own sake, I have to choose me.”

The socialite made additional inferences about the difficult times she expects to face soon.

“I know it will be a long couple of days/weeks for me, but I’d rather be at peace inside than project a false haven on the outside. I’d rather speak my truth than let gossip tarnish what I have built for me and my family thus far. Things in my household have not been okay… but they will be. My family will be okay. And eventually, I will be okay. I have always been a champion for love and marriage, knowing too well the joys of having a family. Having kids that look up to you, cherish and adore you because all you can do is give them what you never had, plus much more,”

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