Amber Ray reveals her baby’s face

The face of Amber Ray’s daughter has now been disclosed by her father.

They introduced newborn Africana in a video posted on their daughter’s page with the caption:

I did enjoy my first meal, yes.

For a long, the couple avoided being photographed with their daughter Africana and only shared images of her that did not show her face.

Before today, when they decided to disclose her face, the photographs only showed her legs and an emoji-covered face.

Their daughter, Africanah Ochieng, has an Instagram account where she updates followers on topics that are important to her.

Imagine a newborn with an account that has 46.3k followers but her face is hidden.

People’s reactions to the face reveal have definitely left them in awe of how much the daughter resembles her father Rapundo.

The video was shared after the account had originally tweeted a picture with the caption “guess who started eating” and an emoji on top.

Although she previously stated that she was not nursing her kid, it appears that the child has passed the winnowing stage and is ready to eat.

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