Amber Ray reveals her price just went up! “Fancy cars don’t impress me anymore”

Image: Amber Ray celebrates herself

Socialite and digital content producer Amber Ray is speaking up about her ideal mate, the key characteristic she seeks for in a spouse, and the main reason expensive cars no longer appeal to her.

“Maybe for a man to… like when it gets to that point in time where you say yes to a man, like how much should he have in his bank accounts?” -2mbili asked.

Amber Ray responded saying,

“He needs to be financially stable, that I will say that confidently. Personally, I am financially stable that is why I ask of that. So when we meet and we are both stable then we grow.

She continued by saying that she genuinely wants a man to be financially secure because she wants to feel fully supported by her feminine energy and never wants to feel like she is taking care of or mothering someone.

Personally siwezi taka kulea mtu and sitawahi taka kulea mtu. Mtu naweza lea ni mtoto wangu…watoto wangu, that is it,”

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