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Amber Ray’s lies about Jeep ownership finally catch up with her (Photos)

June 11, 2021 at 10:20
Amber Ray’s lies about Jeep ownership finally catch up with her (Photos)

Socialite Amber Ray is a go getter! Yes, we can give her credit for being a hard worker, ambitious lady who has single handedly raised her son; with no support from her rumored makanga baby daddy.

She also tried marriage with politician Zaheer – but y’all know how it ended. In premium tears and nothing to show from her Union with the guy.

Amber Ray lies about Jeep ownership

However despite it all, Amber says that this taught her to work smarter in life; and so far – the lady has done herself proud. Unfortunately what seems to turn off her followers is the fact that she lies a-bit too much.

Amber Ray’s lies

A while back she went on to defend her ‘demakuku’ photo saying it was taken during a movie shoot; but problem is – it’s been almost 4 years since the photo surfaced and no movie has been released yet.

Once again Amber has been caught in her own lies and this time around it’s about the Jeep which she recently went on Instagram live; to claim that she bought with her own earned money – forgetting that she once held a QnA session where she denied owning the Jeep.

In another Tbt post Amber openly asked fans to pray for her in order for her to own a Jeep and stop borrowing. She wrote;

Niombee ata mimi nibarikiwe niwache kuomba magari.


And just like that…her own words betrayed her in the end.


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