American Preacher Benny Hinn Prays For Charlene Ruto To Get A Husband Soon

On the final day of his crusade at Nairobi’s Nyayo Stadium, renowned Israeli-American televangelist Benny Hinn said a special prayer for First Daughter Charlene Ruto upon her request.
Pastor Hinn specifically addressed Charlene Ruto’s wish for a future spouse in the prayer, pleading with God to grant her the lifelong companion of her dreams.

“Give her a husband. That will fulfil that call with her. Lord, send that young man her way. That will be a strength to her, a great support to her,” Hinn prayed.

He emphasized how important it is for Charlene to have a solid, encouraging partner as she sets out on her missionary career and spiritual journey.

“Lord, send him her way, soon. Let him be exactly what she wants, everything she wants. Grant it, Lord, grant it Lord in the name of Jesus,” Hinn continued.

The timing of this prayer coincides with rumors that have been floating around about Charlene Ruto’s romantic life. Specifically, there have been rumors that connect her to well-known gospel musician Daddy Owen.

The prayer session at the crusade seems to imply that the first daughter hasn’t found a suitor despite the rumor.


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