Amidst Miracle Baby’s Illness, Questions Arise About His Missing Baby Mamas

Image: Miracle Baby addresses claims he is a member of Illuminati

While Gengetone artist-turned-Mugithi singer Peter Mwangi, known as Miracle Baby, battles intestinal obstruction in the hospital, concerns surface about the absence of his alleged baby mamas. Social media personality Carol Katrue, a source of support for Miracle Baby, sparked the discussion by questioning their whereabouts during his time of need.

Responding to an interviewer’s query, Katrue flatly stated, “There are no baby mamas here. I haven’t seen a single one. Not even a phone call to ask about his well-being.” Her words fueled speculation about the true nature of his past relationships and the support he receives from them.

Adding to the mix are accusations against some alleged baby mamas of dragging Miracle Baby’s name through the mud and falsely claiming paternity. These allegations further complicate the situation and raise questions about their genuine concern for his well-being.

Meanwhile, Miracle Baby’s wife has openly addressed his health struggles, revealing the recurring nature of his intestinal issues since 2018 and the recent surgery he underwent. In the face of mounting hospital bills exceeding Sh1 million, she has appealed for financial assistance to ease their burden.

The singer’s illness and Katrue’s candid statement have ignited discussions about family dynamics, support systems during times of crisis, and the complexities of blended families. While the truth behind Miracle Baby’s personal relationships remains unclear, one thing is evident: his current health battle requires a unified front and dedicated support.

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