Amira angered by nanny whom she bought a phone for

Amira, a businesswoman, is experiencing the common frustration felt by many Kenyan women when their domestic workers go missing.

Taking to social media, the former wife of Somali Matatu owner Jimal expressed her dismay at being taken advantage of by her domestic worker.

She expressed concern that her nanny, who she took in with a month-old baby, failed to return after her scheduled day off.

“My nanny, who left on Sunday and was supposed to return by Thursday, has been unreachable since she left. She ignored my calls but managed to call my friend Kui, indicating that she’s okay.”

“Despite taking care of her and her baby, I am disappointed by her deliberate avoidance of my calls. I even bought her a new phone since hers was faulty, so she wouldn’t be unreachable while traveling.”

“I’ve learned not to form attachments to people because they always leave. Please help me find another domestic worker,” she requested.

Amira also shared her plan to address the situation:

“Based on the advice I received in my DMs, I’ve decided to seek character references from multiple sources. So, I’m heading to Tanzania to find a replacement.”

She later posted a video from Nyerere International Airport, saying, “Let me go find a replacement.”

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