Andrew Kibe finally addresses Kate Actress and Phil Karanja split

The marriage between Kate Actress and Phil Karanja has ended, and social commentator Andrew Kibe has something to say about it.

Like most Kenyans, Kibe has something to say on his account.

Kibe attacked Kate’s remarks by playing an earlier video of her talking about fathers who stand up, as well as one showing how Phil welcomed her after a trip to South Africa.

Aiee the pain that is in Nairobi right now. Watu wa roho mbaya come her. I will ask you one question. Finally, she has left that msee. I talked about it a few months back. Do you guys remember when she came from South Africa? And she was crying …

Men what did I show you how many times am I going to teach this lesson If you dont learn a lesson you will perish, men, you will find yourself on how to keep the calm edition. When you find yourself here, it means you are a joke. Niliwashow aje? Please if you hear she is a single mum tell her…eheeh look at the time si nita kucall. Toka mbio kaa mwizi.

Buda! Us baby daddy’s I want to teach you we have full access to those **Bro any person who has my child iyo ni yangu I can pick it up anytime I want. Even if it is my last day on earth and I need one last time, I will just pick any one of my baby mamas. You can walk in or out anytime, all day all night. The only thing that is keeping her relationship alive is because you don’t want her. The day you want her, that guy is crying. “

Kibe reiterated his warning to “tunuthias,” as he refers to men who look after children who are not their own. Kate thanks men in that video for,

 “I just want to salute the men who step in who took over and just nurtured, mad mad respect and God bless you and for not making us feel less, but supporting our dreams and pushing us to become even better moms, wives. Thank you so much.

Tunuthia, how long do I have to keep telling you? Mnacheki venye mnasukwa hapo. Oh God bless you young man, for taking care of children that are not yours, and God is going to come through for you, not me but God” 

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