Anerlisa Muigai reveals she hasn’t used matatus in over 15 years

Image: Anerlisa Muigai

Anerlisa Muigai, the CEO of Nero Executive Water, lives a luxurious lifestyle. She has owned several cars in her lifetime, and her current car is a Range Rover. The car is expensive to maintain, and she has advised luxury car owners not to cut corners with their Range Rovers.

It is unlikely that Anerlisa Muigai has ever used a matatu. A matatu is a type of minibus that is a popular mode of public transportation in Kenya. Matatus are typically crowded and noisy, and they are not considered to be luxurious vehicles.

Given Anerlisa Muigai’s wealth and lifestyle, it is more likely that she uses private transportation or taxis to get around.

“Last time I boarded a matatu I was 19 na niliibiwa. It was my first time and last.

I was with my friend and she was high and I was hyped up na siwezi taka kurudi tena.

It was those days za party town”


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