Anerlisa Muigai shows off her ring and announces her engagement to an unidentified man

Image: Anerlisa Muigai

It’s now confirmed that businesswoman Anerlisa Muigai has officially taken herself off the market.

Speculation had been swirling about Anerlisa’s engagement, although she hadn’t revealed the identity of her partner publicly.

In a video shared by Sarah Kabu of Bonfire Adventures, Anerlisa was spotted proudly displaying her ring.

Sarah’s caption left no room for doubt: “#teamsarahkabu you know how this #girlfriends kamuchene hits when u haven’t met in a long while and she has a new bae and u want to catch up from how you met to when he proposed and #honeymoon was ☺️….lol hawa ni kama wali score ball #honeymoon but anerlisa kama hakajaingia sasa tunaenda next 📌Maldives Ritz Carlton na private jet ✈️… cannot wait to joyride lol”


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In the video, Anerlisa was seen giggling as she enjoyed the moment.

“I don’t mind a vacation, but I don’t want a free one, he can pay, and I want to go on a private jet,” she joked.

The accomplished businesswoman was previously married to Tanzanian singer Ben Pol, although their union was brief.

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