Betty Kyallo pens letter of gratitude to selfless nurse who sacrificed to see Ivanna fully recover

Betty Kyallo cannot thank health workers at Nairobi Hospital enough, for sacrificing their time, efforts and love for her daughter, Ivanna.

Late December 2019, the TV girl spoke of her daughter’s illness that saw her fight for her life in life support machines early in the year.

ADEM (acute disseminated encephalomyelitis) a rare autoimmune disease that is marked by a sudden widespread attack of inflammation in the brain and spinal cord, is what Ivanna battled.

After spending a month in the ICU, and 4 months in admission at the Nairobi Hospital, baby Ivanna was discharged.

Appreciation post

In a lengthy detailed post, the K24 journalist showered praise to a Nurse, Judy, for treating Ivanna like her own daughter – even coming to see her during her off days.

Appreciating ALL the #HEALTHWORKERS who are our everyday heros and heroines!❤️ This is a VERY SPECIAL #Tbt on the day @ivannatheentertainer was leaving hospital after 4 months admission. She’s pictured with one of the most loveliest Caring person I know. NURSE JUDY who loved Ivanna so much she would come to see her even on her off days.

Celebrating health workers for the extra miles they go – just to see their patients recover – Betty Kyallo revealed Nurse Judy would single-handedly come to her home to follow up on Ivanna’s progress.

What selflessness!

She treated Ivanna like her own baby and was so supportive to me as a mother going through hell. Even after we left hospital she continued coming home to visit Ivanna and following her progress.

Sweetly yet emotionally gushing:

???????????? @mom_teiyan I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. May God Bless you and your lovely family.

Betty Mutei Kyallo

And to Nairobi Hospital as a family:

To ALL #HealthWorkers at Nairobi Hospital who took care of Ivanna when she was admitted I appreciate you so so so much. May you all live long and healthy. May your families be blessed. Thank you for your sacrifice and your unwavering efforts.

Promising to celebrate the hospital’s health workers with a cake once the country’s situation returns to normalcy.

Ivanna says hi! We shall bring a cake after Corona❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Formally anouncing that a dear baby Ivanna is now completely healed.

PS. @ivannatheentertainer Is fully healed. God is GREAT! Tag a #HealthWorker

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