Arrow Bwoy begging fans for money to pay bride price for Nadia Mukami

Image: Arrowbwoy

Kenyan musician Arrow Bwoy has appealed to Kenyans to help him raise money to pay the bride price for his fiancée, Nadia Mukami.

Mukami, who is also a musician, has said that she does not consider herself married until Arrow pays her dowry. The couple got engaged in March 2022, but Arrow has not yet taken the next step and paid the bride price.

“I’m not married. It is a fact. He hasn’t paid my dowry. He’s with me on credit,” Mukami said in an interview with Kiss FM.

She went on to say that her dowry is “very high” because she is a well-educated woman and a successful musician.

Arrow has acknowledged that he does not have a wife yet because he has not paid the bride price. He has asked Kenyans to help him raise money so that he can “get a wife the right way.”

The request for financial help has been met with mixed reactions. Some people have expressed sympathy for Arrow and have pledged to donate money. Others have criticized him for not being able to afford the bride price himself.

Only time will tell whether Arrow will be able to raise enough money to pay the bride price and finally marry Nadia Mukami.

  • The bride price is a traditional payment made by the groom to the bride’s family in exchange for her hand in marriage.
  • The amount of the bride price can vary depending on the culture and the social status of the bride and groom.
  • In some cultures, the bride price is seen as a way to compensate the bride’s family for the loss of their daughter.
  • In other cultures, the bride price is seen as a way to seal the marriage contract and to ensure that the groom will take care of his wife.

The bride price is a controversial practice, and there are many arguments for and against it.

Those who support the bride price argue that it is a way to honor the bride and her family, and that it helps to ensure that the marriage is stable.

Those who oppose the bride price argue that it is a form of female objectification, and that it can be used to exploit women.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to pay the bride price is a personal one.

There are many factors to consider, such as the cultural norms of the bride’s family, the financial resources of the groom, and the personal beliefs of the couple.


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