Artist Spotlight: K4 Kanali, Gengetone act who is carving a path to greatness

Image: K4Kanali

The first time I heard K4 Kanali sing was when Gwaash teamed up with him, Retro and Yung on Katambe. He is the guy on the first verse which goes like, “Danse danse na baby ukichoka wacha nikudare tukikata kakwota…”

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K4 Kanali did the hook on the same track and boy, he really brought his A-game. Apart from his impeccable flow, he sang his verse in a unique deep bass that is just interesting to listen to.

K4 Kanali

Since then, I’ve morphed into a big fan of K4 Kanali as he has continued to surprise me with his subsequent releases or the songs that he has been featured on.

Some of the songs include; Juu Chini, 2 By 2, Doba Na Jing, Ikebe, Shots, Pull Up Na Mali, Bad Manners and Patia where he worked with Kappy (Team Ganji), Iano Ranking (Wakali Wao) and Gwaash.

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Believe you me this lad is really talented. He has a unique ability of matching random words and making rhymes that will leave you scratching your head as you try to make sense of what he just said.

To add to that, he has some dope punchlines. However, for some weird reason he’s not as big as he should be. Maybe it is because the industry is slow to recognize real talent but I believe his time is coming.

If you are into Gengetone, like myself, then K4 Kanali is one artist you should watch out for because he’s destined for greatness.

Watch Patia below and tell us what you think.

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