As former best friends Jackie Matubia and Milly Chebby appear live on Massawe’s show

In a call broadcast on Radio Jambo, former friends Milly Chebby and Jackie Matubia spoke in public for the first time.
Fans have conjectured as to why the erstwhile best friends haven’t been spotted together in several months.
On Thursday, December 7, Jackie Matubia spoke on Radio Jambo with Terence Creative and Milly Chebby to discuss the remarks made by the Mwangi family about her being roho mbaya and hana bwana, which led to their split.
“Is it really cleared? Massawe was asked, “Hakuna mahali tulisema mulisema sina bwana,” by Terence.
Jackie stated in November that the three of them had lost contact with each other because The Mwangis had made fun of her for being bitter and without a husband.

After a fan questioned Jackie about why she didn’t attend Milly and Terence’s traditional wedding ceremony, Jackie made these accusations.
Jackie and Milly were unable to communicate and express their longing for one another while attempting to work out their differences on the Kiswahili radio station.
“Ati patanisho, tumefika hapo kweli, una nichekesha, aie wasee ai, hehe,” Massawe cracked up as soon as she realized what kind of call it was.
Jackie said, “Aha mnanifurahisha,” to Terence, and Milly Chebby laughed.

“Yeah I do,” Milly responded to Massawe when she said she missed her former best friend Jackie.

“Are you anasema? simskii poa,” Milly remarked in reference to the topic of Jackie’s laughter. Jackie even asked, “Ati?”

Terence reassured Milly, “Ongea na dada yako,” over their poor on-air performance.

“They want to know if you miss me,” Milly said to Jackie, who chuckled and said, “Yes, venye tuu wamesema.” My hata is that it is kuongezea without kutoa.”
All they could do was laugh. After stating that friends often get along poorly, Jackie departed without responding to Terence’s question, “Unakubali iishe?”

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