As Stephen Bhingi professes his crush on Mungai Eve, Mungai Eve laughed

Reggae enthusiast Stephen Bhingi shared a heartwarming moment with Mungai Eve while expressing his affection for her.

During a recent interview with Mungai, Bhingi playfully admitted to having a crush on her, eliciting laughter from the YouTuber.

With a light-hearted tone, Bhingi reassured Mungai that his height shouldn’t be a deterrent, emphasizing his intention to fulfill their purpose in the world.

“Ni kugonga upate mtoto. Jah alitucreate akasema tufulfill the world. So we should fulfill the world, Kujaza kujaza dunia,” he expressed.

Their interaction took a humorous turn when Bhingi likened Mungai to his ex-girlfriend, prompting laughter from both of them.

“You know, you’re short,” she remarked, to which Bhingi replied, “as long as we ni mrasta, we unacheza na rada, juu ukicheza na rada, si unajua as long as we huna pressure …”

Bhingi, known for his rasta-inspired lifestyle, has amassed a large following on TikTok, where he shares snippets of his life.

In a recent post, he captioned his content with a message of gratitude to the Most High JAH.

Bhingi made headlines recently for his meeting with President Ruto, sparking curiosity among Kenyans about their discussion.

He was among the guests invited to witness the announcement of content monetization on Facebook, Reels, and Instagram during the President’s meeting with the Facebook Management Team at State House, Nairobi.

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