As they get back together, Rapudo gives Amber money as an apology [Video]

John Kennedy Rapduo has been listening to Amber Ray whenever she discusses the value of money in her life. After an argument, the two are said to have briefly parted ways, and she moved out.
But six days ago, they were spotted together at her birthday celebration and when she was having her official birthday photos taken.

After that, internet users were persuaded that the two had never split up. Now, the duo has shown to their followers that they are still together.

In a bed video, Rapudo watches as Amber tries to move the cover away from her body and fill her pillows so she may sleep on the other side of him. She raises the cushions and displays astonishment at finding cash beneath them.

She breaks into a wide smile.

“Who else loves such kind of apologies ?? ūü§£”

Hours after Amber announced that they were leaving their Sh270k-a-month Penthouse, Kenyans implied that Rapudo was impoverished and had trouble covering these expenses. This financial apology was made. There were five bedrooms in the penthouse.


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