Aslay decides its time to ‘Bembea’ in new jam as he features Ali Kiba

Tanzania as always have a way to sway their vibe down our hearts . This time Rockstart Entertainments boss Ali Kiba has featured in  fellow artist Aslay’s  Song dubbed ‘Bembea”

The song  starts with an Indian-Arabic blend of sounds coupled with Kibas’s signature ‘YO!’ Aslay takes up the first part of the song with the Swahili lyrics rolling off his tongue with ease backed up by his captivating voice while Kiba picks up the last part of the song at the same pace and carries it to the end. The transition is smooth and the two voices well blended.


The lyrics delivered at a slow pace gives the listener enough time to listen.  Aslay states his contentment in the love he is receiving and how he can go lifeless in the event that he misses out on that love.

naridhika ridhika, naridhika na huba lako, Nakuahidi ntakufa nikija kulikosa hilo penzi lako’

Further on , Kiba emphasizes the need to be able to keep the love,regardless of the negativity surrounding it.

The duo are well known to reach the hearts of many ladies and this song is just about it.

Ali Kiba And Aslay

The song is an embodiment that carries all that is their about love and its secrets.The urge to always be there for each other despite the hustle in life.

“Beiby, tuifiche hiyo siri Tusionyeshe dhahiri Huwanga wanasubiri Waone utavyonimwaga”

This to ask the love of his life  to keep their love a secret especially from those that posses negative energy.


The music video directed by Hanscana features two main scenes. One in the serene coastal atmospehere(aqua blue ocean, green grass and trees, white sand, plush white beds and seats) that gives a calm relaxing effect.

The second indoor set up is open, with a good blend of cool colors. There isn’t any serious dancing which gives enough room and time to enjoy the tune which is close to a Mexican serenade staged by Alejandro outside Maria-Clara’s bedroom window. Yeah right!

Well the song was averagely doen as compared to the duo’s track record this was not their best collabo.We want more guys.

For rating I will go for a 5/10.Watch and tell us what you think.


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