Atwoli Brags About His Sleek Clothes Being Designed Abroad

Kenyan trade union leader Francis Atwoli revealed his sartorial secrets in a recent interview with Jeff Koinange on Citizen TV. Atwoli, known for his sharp style, gets custom-made clothing from both Nigeria and Switzerland.

During the interview, Atwoli sported a black and white striped suit, prompting a fan to inquire about his shopping habits.

“The fabric usually comes from Nigeria,” Atwoli explained. “This specific design was created by my grandson in the US. He actually brought me a few of these.”

For tailoring his Nigerian fabrics, Atwoli relies on a skilled craftsman named Mr. Okoli.

Atwoli also spoke about his signature oversized linen shirts. “These are tailored in a factory in Geneva,” he said, pointing out his initials embroidered on the garment.

Atwoli addressed speculation about his frequent trips to Geneva, emphasizing it’s for business related to his wardrobe. “It’s not just because I can afford it,” he clarified. “I have work there. I spend three months a year in Geneva, and people keep asking where I am or if I’m sick.”

“It’s well-known that I’m in Geneva during March, June, and November,” he concluded, revealing his travel schedule.

Atwoli is among the best dressed politicians in the country. And his deluxe jewellery collection also match his style.

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