Avril Takes A Break From Social Media After Sharing Domestic Abuse Allegations

Image: Singer, Avril

Following a tumultuous week that involved a public confrontation with her baby daddy, J Blessing, and accusations of domestic abuse, Kenyan singer and actress Avril has quietly disappeared from social media.

Avril, known to many as Judith Nyambura Mwangi, has taken a hiatus from all online platforms, with some of her accounts being entirely deleted, erasing a significant portion of her digital presence.

The singer’s social media absence began with the abrupt deletion of her Instagram account, which boasted over two million followers. Speculations immediately arose that Avril was seeking solace away from the public eye, opting for a social media detox to recharge and recover from the recent drama.

The sudden disappearance marked the culmination of a distressing week that began with Avril sharing a disturbing photo on Instagram, alleging physical abuse by her baby daddy, J Blessing. In a direct message directed at J Blessing, she issued a stern warning, demanding that he leave her life. Although the post was later removed, screenshots had already circulated widely, triggering a flurry of online discussions and criticisms.

Facing a barrage of trolls, Avril was compelled to respond, lashing out at those who trivialized domestic violence. She expressed her disgust at the insensitive comments and urged the public to take such matters seriously.

Avril’s decision to step away from social media highlights the emotional toll that public scrutiny and online harassment can take on an individual. Her actions demonstrate a need for self-preservation and a desire to protect her personal well-being during a challenging time.

It is unclear when or if Avril will return to social media, but her temporary departure serves as a reminder of the importance of mental health and the need to prioritize personal well-being in the face of online negativity.

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