Azziad Nasenya Silences Critics Who Claim Her Success Was Made Possible By ‘Wababa’

Multi-talented Kenyan media personality & content creator Azziad Nasenya recently fired back at critics who question how she finances her lavish lifestyle and international travels. In a viral social media video, Azziad slammed these comments as rooted in jealousy of her success.

“Why do people assume a young woman’s success must be because of men?” she questioned. “It’s sad that when a guy travels, it’s because he works hard, but when a woman does it, there has to be someone else funding it?”

Azziad emphasized her entrepreneurial spirit and diverse career as the true sources of her wealth. “I work hard! I’m a radio presenter, actress, content creator, and entrepreneur with my own company,” she declared.

She further challenged the stereotype that equates a woman’s success with handouts.

“We, Gen Z, are go-getters,” she asserted. “We hustle, we grab opportunities, and we make our own money. Why can’t everyone do the same?”

Azziad concluded with a message of encouragement, urging viewers to celebrate each other’s achievements. “Let’s stop the jealousy! It only blocks our own blessings. Let’s learn to clap for others’ success.”

Azziad’s rise to fame began with a viral dance video during the Covid-19 pandemic. Since then, she’s parlayed that initial spark into a thriving career, working with leading companies and establishing herself as a force in entertainment.

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