Azziad opens up about having a sponsor

In a recent interview, content creator Azziad Nasenya responded to allegations made by internet users that she relies on a sponsor to support her extravagant lifestyle.She refuted them, claiming that she toils hard to give herself the lifestyle she merits.

The damsel covered a wide range of topics during an interview with film director Phil Karanja.

One of them was how busy she is since on some days, her side jobs take up the majority of her time.

After describing her daily activities, Phil reacted.

“Here we are as a public, thinking that you get these things on a silver platter.

Shame on us, wah mtu yangu mbona huna sponsor, juu hiyo kazi ni ngumu?”

Phil pushed her to open up more on the situation,

“Kupata kazi ama kupata sponsor?”

He received a stern glare from Azziad as she makes her point clear.

“kufanya kazi by the way hawa masponsor wanatolewa wapi? you know me I hear people say oh sponsor …na wanatolewa, mi sijawahi umeni peeko? 

Because there’s beauty or rather the satisfaction in getting money from your sweat.

Oh, I sleep well knowing that I’ve worked my *** off. It’s mine, no one gave it to me.”

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