Baba Talisha Explains Brian Chira’s Death After Alleged Involvement

Kenyan TikTok star Baba Talisha, known for his single-dad content, is facing controversy surrounding the death of his friend, Brian Chira.

Following Chira’s passing, Baba Talisha spearheaded fundraising efforts, raising over Sh8 million (US$68,000) for the funeral. However, he has been targeted with accusations linking him to Chira’s death.

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Refuting Baseless Allegations

In a recent TikTok video, Baba Talisha vehemently denied the accusations, calling them “unjust” and “baseless.” He expressed frustration over claims of murder and involvement in occult practices. Baba Talisha emphasized his deep friendship with Chira, questioning why he would ever harm him.

“Why would I want to hurt Brian?” he stated in the video. “Sometimes, silence is taken advantage of. Don’t tarnish my reputation.”

Helping a Friend in Need

Baba Talisha highlighted his role in supporting Chira’s family during their difficult time. He clarified that he received no financial assistance for the fundraising efforts, and even his family was unaware of the large sum collected.

“I did it because I wanted to help this family,” he said.

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Silence Doesn’t Equal Guilt

Addressing his previous silence, Baba Talisha explained it was not an admission of guilt but a desire to maintain normalcy and continue creating content. However, the relentless accusations prompted him to speak out and defend himself.

He concluded with a strong message to those spreading rumors, urging them to stop and warning of potential legal action.

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