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Bahati confesses how marriage has changed him big time

October 05, 2018 at 08:54
Bahati confesses how marriage has changed him big time

Ever since gospel singer Bahati and model Diana Marua exchanged vows, things have really changed and the singer isn’t ashamed to accept that.

In a recent interview, the singer shared that having a baby and settling down with Marua has made him a more focused and responsible man.

“Imenisaidia sana kuwa more responsible. Thinking jioni uko na watu wanakuangalia unafeed so imenisaidia sana kukuwa more responsible more focused. At times naangalianga Heaven pia nasema I have to live right because right now I’m in the public hizi vitu hazijifuti zinajiweka,” said Bahati.


Bahati also revealed the secret that has helped him stay humble despite his recent success. According to the singer, he’s focused on helping and inspiring guys who look up to him.

“I wanted to be different but majorly my drive was to inspire and you can never inspire when you cannot connect with your people and you can never connect with your people when you cannot come down to the level ya kila mtu.

“Knowing the reason why I started this ndio imenisaidia sana kujikumbusha I need to be humble, I need to reason with people, I need to listen to everyone. I always take my fans kama my bosses, just knowing your calling inakufanya ukuwe humble,” he said. 


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