Bahati & Diana Marua Worried After Realizing Their Child Can’t Speak In Swahili,

Image: The Bahati’s

Kenyan singer Bahati and his wife Diana Marua met with their children’s teachers to discuss their son Majesty’s education.

“It’s consultation week,” Diana explained, “a time to learn about the kids’ progress and raise any concerns.”

Bahati expressed his main concern: Majesty’s inability to speak Swahili.

“Why doesn’t my son know any Swahili? He only speaks English!”

Diana confirmed,

“Majesty doesn’t know a single Swahili word.”

Bahati, recalling his own school days when punishment awaited those speaking Swahili, found it puzzling. “I used to get in trouble for speaking Swahili! How can my son not know the national language?”

“As in if Majesty knew that [speaking Swahili] was the reason I used to walk around with a disk, does he even know about a disk? Mayai, unapewa mayai hivi – Kiswahili speakers’ list [mimi], Sheng speakers’ list [mimi], broken Kiswahili list [mimi]. As in I don’t understand how my son doesn’t know a Swahili word,” he reflected on his past.

He jokingly imagined Majesty asking, “What’s a ‘disk’? Is that why you used to carry eggs around? Was there a list for Swahili speakers, Sheng speakers, and broken Swahili speakers? I just don’t get it. How can he not know a word of Swahili?”

Diana then inquired about their daughter Heaven.

“She speaks Swahili with a British accent,” Bahati chuckled.

Diana playfully imitated Heaven’s broken Swahili. Diana & Bahati’s deluxe lifestyle is evidently what has contributed to their daughter not being interested in learning the language.

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