Bahati finally reveals why he ditched the gospel

Bahati, a Kenyan musician, was criticized for switching to secular music after a successful career in gospel music. He was accused of “backsliding” by many people.

In a recent interview on his wife Diana Marua’s YouTube channel, Bahati finally revealed why he quit gospel music. He said that he was tired of the hypocrisy and judgment in the gospel industry.

“I hate people who behave like they are holier than thou,” Bahati said. “I have even lashed out at some artists for judging others. You feel like a small god.”

Bahati said that he learned his lesson when his late brother Charles was struggling with alcoholism and diabetes. Bahati said that he used to judge his brother, but he eventually realized that he was no better than him.

“I thought because I was a Christian who fasted and sang in church, I was perfect,” Bahati said. “I even cut him off. I did not want to be associated with him. We go wrong because we over judge people.”

Bahati said that his brother died at Mbagathi Hospital after battling diabetes. He said that his brother’s death was a wake-up call for him, and it made him realize that he needed to change his ways.

“My mom passed away while we were in Mathare,” Bahati said. “When my mom passed, we were trying to survive. By the time we came to Nairobi, my brother started hustling and because of the pressure, he sought solace in alcohol. He died at age 22.”

Bahati said that despite his brother’s diagnosis, he continued to drink. He said that he regrets not being there for his brother when he needed him most.

Bahati’s story is a cautionary tale about the dangers of judging others. It is also a reminder that we should all be more understanding and compassionate towards those who are struggling.

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