Bahati Opens Up About His Late Brother Kyalo Kioko

Kenyan singer Kevin Bahati has opened up about his late brother Kyalo Kioko, who died in 2013 from diabetes.

In a recent interview with his wife, Diana Marua, on her YouTube channel, Bahati shared details about his brother’s life and the challenges he faced.

Bahati said that Kyalo was the second-born of four siblings. He was a bright and cheerful child, but he was also very stubborn.

“Kyalo was a very stubborn child. He was always getting into trouble,” Bahati said. “But he was also very bright and cheerful. He always made us laugh.”

Bahati said that Kyalo dropped out of school in Class 4 to help support the family. He worked odd jobs to make ends meet, but he struggled to find steady work.

“Kyalo was a very hard worker, but he never seemed to catch a break,” Bahati said. “He always seemed to be struggling.”

Bahati said that Kyalo was diagnosed with diabetes when he was 18 years old. The diagnosis was a major blow to the family, and it made it even harder for Kyalo to find work.

“Kyalo’s diabetes made it very difficult for him to find work,” Bahati said. “He was always getting sick, and he couldn’t do the kind of physical labor that most people do.”

Bahati said that Kyalo’s diabetes also affected his relationships with his family and friends. He became withdrawn and depressed, and he often lashed out at those around him.

“Kyalo’s diabetes took a toll on his relationships with everyone,” Bahati said. “He became very withdrawn and depressed. He would often lash out at us.”

Bahati said that he regrets not spending more time with Kyalo before he died. He said that he was too busy with his own life and career, and he didn’t realize how much Kyalo needed him.

“I regret not spending more time with Kyalo,” Bahati said. “I was too busy with my own life and career, and I didn’t realize how much he needed me.”

Bahati said that Kyalo’s death was a wake-up call for him. He said that he is now determined to make the most of his life and to spend more time with his loved ones.

“Kyalo’s death was a wake-up call for me,” Bahati said. “I now realize that life is too short to take it for granted. I am determined to make the most of my life and to spend more time with my loved ones.”

Bahati’s story is a reminder that diabetes is a serious disease that can have a devastating impact on individuals and families. It is important to get regular checkups and to manage your diabetes as best you can to prevent serious complications.

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