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Bahati redeems himself as he teams up with Akothee for “Nakupa Moyo “

March 27, 2020 at 20:31
Bahati redeems himself as he teams up with Akothee for "Nakupa Moyo "


Now after going on spree with Gengetone artists, now Bahati drops another song dubbed “Nakupa Moyo”. In this he enlists the self declared president of single mothers Akothee.

Bahati  has been on the receiving end lately in the manner in which he was doing his music.He has even been bashed for “mocking God”in the name of making music.

In what seems like a way to redeem himself Bahati has dropped ‘Nakupa Moyo”.

A song of thanksgiving to God for being faithful in the journey of life. I think I missed this side of Bahati’s music too.

The kind of music that would make you feel the conviction.

On the other hand we can’t just ignore how diverse Akothee is. She is a woman that posses talent, ambition and is clearly a motivation to many when it come to dealing with life’s hurdles.

Though controversial her following would give you a totally different perspective of the mother of five.

Gospel artist, Bahati

Nakupa Moyo

Nakupa Moyo means I give you my heart. The two teamed up for this amazing worship like  song where Akothee starts off  reminisces of her past life.

She is grateful to God for getting her through the darkness of life. She sings of when she was working hard to make money and she is thankful that God did not forsake  her.

As you watch the video you notice the the conviction in Akothee’s voice and yes I wouldn’t mind having this on my playlist every morning.

I however, must confess the luo vibe put in by Akothee got me hooked and yes this song might have just redeemed Bahati.

Further, Bahati comes in pouring his heart out on how he is thankful for all he got.He is thankful for his job, family that the only thing he can offer to God is a thankful heart to God.

The lyrics are also simple and easy to understand.


As we jam to the scenic worship song, we must appreciate that it was done under the EMB records by producer Paulo and Teddy B.

The visuals were done and directed by Young Wallace. They could not have done it any better.For one hate them or love them this song is beautiful.

In the meantime watch and tell us what you think. For rating I will go with 9/10.


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