Bahati’s baby mama Yvette Obura changes her attitude towards Diana Marua

Initially there was bad blood between Yvette and Diana Marua, this was evident when Diana posed for photos with Bahati’s daughter – Mueni Bahati.

Yvette caught a major one when Bahati’s sweetheart bonded with her daughter, she threw shade at Diana for hanging out with Mueni.

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Diana Marua and Mueni Bahati

Well, Yvette has since changed her attitude towards Diana Marua, the lass revealed that she was cool with Diana taking care of her daughter. She even said that she’s happy to co-parent with Diana.

“I don’t see her as the stepmother, she is in fact the other mother to my daughter,” Yvette was quoted by Mpasho.

Yvette further stated that she had accepted Bahati had moved on with another lady, she made clear that she was happy for her baby daddy and his new sweetheart.

Bahati and his daughter Mueni Bahati


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