Bahati’s Baby Mama Yvette Obura Shares Tremendous Body Change In A Span Of 8 Weeks (Photo)

Unlike men, women are susceptible to losing and adding weight more faster. Body changes are more pronounced in women than in men, especially during and after pregnancy.

Bahati’s baby mama, Yvette Obura has shared her weight loss journey, flaunting before and after photos of herself in a span of 50 days.

She shared her weight loss secret to her fans, claiming she used intermittent fasting to achieve results.

”February 9th 2023 VS April 1st 2023????‍♀️????‍♀️Ok by intermittent Fasting,” she captioned the post on her Instagram.

Her Instagram stories further proved her progress, showcasing the hard work and dedication she put into her weight loss journey.

“Re-posting this for some of you all. Two months difference. Going hard in April,” She added.

Yvette’s tremendous weight change, especially her belly, roped in fans’ reaction as they were impressed with how quickly she was able to achieve the results in such a short period.
Yvette is undoubtedly rocking with her new physique.


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