Bahati’s ex, Georgina Njenga, discusses her body count

Popular YouTube content producer Georgina Njenga, a former flame of Machachari actor Baha, has incited debate after subtly indicating her preference for steady wealthy partners.

In a recent interview with another video producer, Flossyrtukid, the 22-year-old content creator revealed details about her financial ambitions.

Georgina Njenga boldly responded when asked about her income and the financial requirements she looked for in a partner:

“He should be earning KSh 100,000 and above.”

Georgina shared during the interview that she once spent KSh 50,000 on a wig, revealing her love of luxury.

“I spent KSh 50,000 on a wig.”

She laughed, leaving some of the details of her financial condition a mystery when asked where the money came from.

When Georgina was questioned over her celebrity crush in Kenya, the conversation took an intriguing turn.

She mentioned Tukid and Eddie Butita, two well-known figures in Kenyan entertainment, without any difficulty.

The conversation with Georgina Njenga didn’t end there; she also discussed her “body count,” but she didn’t go into specifics.

She said instead, with a chuckle, “Every woman’s body count is generally three. We start again every week for me,” she added.

Back in July, Georgina Njenga formally announced her split with Tyler Mbaya, also known as Baha, the father of her child.

She revealed that after repeated failed attempts to save their relationship, they decided to part ways peacefully.

Georgina stressed that although they are no longer romantically involved, Baha is still very much a part of their child’s life.

“There was no specific reason; it was not just working out. I can’t pinpoint one thing. I can’t say he did this or that or I did that. It was piled up issues… and it reaches a time you realize this is not working out,”

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