Bahati’s New Song Pulled Down From YouTube Over Copyright Infringement

Kenyan artist Kevin Kioko, also known by his stage name Bahati, has suffered a major setback after his new song, “Huyu,” was pulled down from YouTube over copyright infringement claims.

The song was reportedly deleted on claims by Tanzanian upcoming artist and singer Jay Melody’s producer, Genius Jini X66.

Bahati confirmed the incident in an Instagram post, claiming that the move was malicious.

“Another attack from Tanzania… who is genius Jini x66??? he maliciously deleted my song #huyu from YouTube no.2 on trending,” Bahati wrote.

Genius Jini X66 responded to the malice claims, saying that this was the second time his beats had been sampled by Kenyan artists without his permission.

“This is the second time a Kenyan artist has sampled my beats without permission,” Jini X66 said. “I am not sure why they are doing this, but it is not fair. I have worked hard on my music, and I deserve to be credited for my work.”

The removal of Bahati’s song from YouTube is a major setback for the artist, as it was one of his most popular songs to date. The song had already reached number two on the trending list before it was pulled down.

It is unclear when or if the song will be reinstated on YouTube. However, the incident has highlighted the importance of artists respecting copyright laws and obtaining permission before using samples of other artists’ work.

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