Before being famous, Samidoh recalls a relative’s cruel remarks

Samidoh, the renowned Mugithi singer and policeman, recently shared a poignant childhood experience that continues to weigh heavily on him.

The 33-year-old entertainer opened up about this encounter while reflecting on a TikTok video that caught his attention on his “for you” page.

The TikTok post invited users to share hurtful words or experiences that have left a lasting impact but were never voiced.

“What statement killed you but you pretended you were okay,” the post read. In response, a user shared a deeply emotional story involving a relative that deeply affected them.

Prompted by this comment, Samidoh took to Instagram to share his own heartbreaking story.

He recounted a moment from his high school years when a relative (whom he chose not to name) refused to give him money for a school trip, citing his status as an orphan and suggesting that he should stick to his means.

“I once pleaded with ‘someone’ to offer me Sh. 200 for a school trip to Nakuru Crater and she was like, Sami unafaa ujue wewe ni yatima hufai kujiwekelea maisha ya juu, (You should know that you are an orphan you should not try and live a high life,)

These are wounds that not even the most compassionate heart can easily heal from. Some relatives/parents/guardians can inflict unimaginable pain,” his post lamented.

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