Ben Kitili jumps to Alex Mwakideu´s defense amidst infidelity claims

YouTuber Edgar Obare took on radio guru, Alex Mwakideu yesterday and KTN senior anchor, Ben Kitili has given his two cents on the same.

We live in an age where anyone can report breaking news, anyone can capture something substantial that can make news ad go viral…name it! this is the digital world that came with little or no restrictions to humanity.

Celebrated political editor, Ben Kitili had no issue with what Edgar Obare was doing – shedding light in the dark – the only problem was how he was doing it.

KTN senior news anchor, Ben Kitili

A kind of reporting that lacked objectivity, accuracy, verified truths. Instead, Edgar´s exposés were out to tarnish personalities´ names rather than provide the basic truth.

The thing with the Edgar Obare type of ‘exposés’ is that it’s poorly done journalism. One-sided stories, half-baked proof, more trolling than truth.

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According to the KTN journalist, what the vlogger had done so far was nothing short of breaking homes, taint individuals´ reputation and make money out of that.

Kenya´s tea master, Edgar Obare

Mr Kitili wondered how the Internet sensation in the first place was able to hack all these systems and get undisclosed sources to trust him and dish out such ´dirty´ content through him.

Yet he’s using that to break homes, defame & maybe make money. Is he using spy software? I hope he has read the cyber crimes act.

Because at the end of the day, are these sources really verified? considering that anyone has freedom of expression and can be out to paint someone in bad image, out of pure malice.

I am just saying that the process is so these streets you can forge whatsapp chats and end someone, then hide behind ‘hide my identity’

Ben Kitili´s tweet

Mixed reactions

Kitili´s sentiments sparked mixed reactions on Twitter, with Kenyans flocking the platform to give their pieces of mind on the same.

Some asked the KTN journalist to make sure he does not get caught on the wrong side of things otherwise he would end up a victim of Obare as well.

Others urged Kitili to stay away from issues that do not concern him, before his die-hard supporters told off the trolls.

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