Bena Wa Malines Accused Of Neglecting His Child By Alleged Baby Mama

Bernard Kamulu, better known as Bena Wa Malines, a popular TikTok star, is facing serious allegations of being a deadbeat dad. The accusations stem from Lydia Waithera, who claims to be Bena’s wife. She alleges that he has been neglecting his responsibilities as a father to their two children, ages 3 months and 2 years.

In a video shared by Nicholas Kioko on November 16, Lydia introduced herself as Bena’s wife and recounted a distressing story about their relationship and the challenges she faces with the TikTok star.

Lydia revealed that she and Bena first met in Juja, where they became friends. At the time, she already had a 3-month-old daughter, and Bena stepped up to care for the child.

“Bena and I met in Juja and were friends for a while. When we started dating, I already had a daughter, who was three months old at the time. She is now 2 years old. We got together, and he started taking care of my child,” she explained.

However, their relationship dynamic changed when Bena gained fame, moved out, and took Lydia and their children to live with him. Everything seemed to be going well until Lydia gave birth to their second child. The arrival of their second child marked the beginning of their ongoing disputes.

Lydia describes the difficulties she faces when seeking financial support from Bena for their children. According to her, conversations about financial assistance often escalate into arguments, with Bena claiming to have no money. She also expresses frustration about Bena involving his friends in their personal issues, further straining their relationship.

The situation reached a boiling point, leading to their separation. Bena took Lydia and their children to her parents’ home but has not officially addressed the issues with Lydia’s family.

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