Bena Wa Malines Denies Having A Family & Being A Deadbeat

In response to allegations of neglecting his family, TikTok sensation Bernard Kamulu, popularly known as Bena Wa Malines, has vehemently denied the claims. During a phone interview, Bena clarified that he is not married and has no knowledge of the woman who has made the accusations against him.

Bena acknowledged that he has a child but emphasized that the child is under the care of his mother and that he is not romantically involved with any woman at the moment. When questioned about the motives behind the woman’s claims, Bena dismissed them as an attention-seeking ploy. He further stated that this is not the first time a woman has attempted to gain clout by associating herself with him since he rose to fame.

In the video shared by Nicholas Kioko on November 16, the woman, Lydia Waithera, claimed to be Bena Wa Malines’ wife and recounted a distressing story about their relationship and parenting struggles, highlighting the challenges she allegedly faces with the TikTok star.

Lydia revealed that she and Bena initially met in Juja and became friends. At the time, she already had a 3-month-old daughter, and Bena eventually took on the responsibility of caring for the child. However, their relationship dynamics altered when Bena gained fame, moved out, and took them to live with him.

Everything appeared to be going smoothly until Lydia gave birth to their second child, an event that marked the start of their ongoing disputes.

Bena’s denial of the accusations raises questions about the legitimacy of Lydia’s claims. While the video presents Lydia’s perspective, Bena’s rebuttal suggests that there may be more to the story than initially meets the eye.

The situation highlights the complexities of personal relationships and the challenges that can arise when allegations are made publicly. It is important to approach such matters with caution and consider all perspectives before forming an opinion.

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