Bensoul Highlights Benefits Of Weed As He Calls For It’s Legalization In Kenya

Image: Kenyan multi-talented artist Bensoul

Talented musician Bensoul is calling for legalization of weed in the country. The singer, who has been among the few celebrities admonishing the govt to legalize, has been on the frontline justifying the pros of weed.

Bensoul shared his sentiments in a recent interview with SPM Buzz, where he outlined two main reasons for his stance: medicinal benefits and relaxation properties.

“Let’s legalize this, not just because people like us smoke it,” Bensoul said in Swahili. “The medicinal uses of this plant could significantly change our country’s medical industry.”

Bensoul, known for his hit song “4:20,” urged the government to consider legalization’s potential to aid those suffering from treatable conditions. He also emphasized bhang’s ability to promote relaxation and meditation.

“There are many distracting drugs out there,” Bensoul said. “Bhang offers a natural alternative.”

Bensoul’s comments come shortly after he introduced his new girlfriend to the public. He addressed critics of his position by citing examples of countries like the United States and Germany that have legalized bhang.

Watch his full interview below;

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