Benzema alinyimwa huyu apewe! Noti Flow introduces new Caucasian bae (Photo)

Kenyan female rapper, Noti Flow is notoriously known for her numerous relationships that never end well, hoping onto the next whenever the opportunity arises.

Her love affair with Colonel Mustafa might have been the longest it ever got, breakups and patching ups that eventually witnessed a sour ending.

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Noti Flow changes tune over breakup with lover, Colonel Mustafa

Soon after, reports were rife she might have found a soft landing on Ochungulo Family rapper, Alejandro Benzema only for the pair to hang their dirty linen in public.

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The dust settled but now, it’s only getting hotter as Natalie Florence introduces us to her new Caucasian lad whose looks are deceiving and worth every envy.

Mr Jay Jay, Noti Flow’s new catch

You’d call him a cool kid and probably too soft but only Noti Flow knows what she saw in him, promising to hang on until she no longer can’t.

I’m gonna ride till I can’t no more ????????

Identified as Jay Jay, the cool kid sweetly affirmed:

She got me in the back,, I’m gonna vibe till I can’t no more????❤️❤️

Noti Flow with lover, Jay Jay

With a cornered Noti Flow cordially responding:

…my cowboy ????

A light-skin lad she has been gushing over lately and it would be no shock if they are an item.


Check out Kenyans’ savage reactions to her new entanglement.

_wi.ll.y_ Si heri nyinyi wengine what we ride ni bike tu ????????Aii huyu anapatanga watu haraka aje na venye sisi tunatafuta ????.. Ah haidhuru


_k.i.l.o.n.z.i Lol. Na bado atakuja hapa kumuanika after a small disagreement ????????


alti_muha50_the_king Me Ni fun wako lakini Sasa Kati ya wewe na huyu boys Nani ndo Dem??? si kwa ubaya n am not hating lakini joh tafta tu mwanaume joh you know what I mean …as mwanaume anaweza kukuprotect hata huyu cool kid anakaa tu kukuwacha mataani anytime kukinuka????????????????

nellysans_official Benzema alinyimwa Sasa wamepea huyu????????????????si fair bytha
gesh._ Wataachana tu????
brian_sibiya1 Weuwe mlami???????????????????????????? bazzu
little_mwikali She got good taste
_.mutiee Hii Nairobi Watu hawaezi pendana kwa amani????

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