Betty Kyallo Opens Up About New Boyfriend, Weight Loss, and Upcoming Reality Show

Media personality Betty Kyallo is in a new relationship and she’s happier than ever. Speaking at the launch of her reality TV show, Kyallo Kulture, Betty shared details about her new man, her weight loss journey, and what fans can expect from the upcoming season of her show.

“The man I am dating is such a breath of fresh air,” Betty said. “He is not a bad boy, nor a narcissist. I feel settled in myself, and I believe I am a stronger version of how people have always known me.”

Betty also opened up about her bond with her daughter, Ivanna. “My daughter has grown into such a big girl,” she said. “Nowadays, Ivanna and I bond through makeup and TikTok. I think she’s eager for a baby brother. Let’s wait and see if the man I am dating will help us move that forward.”

In addition to her new relationship, Betty has also been focusing on her health and fitness. She recently lost six kilograms and is feeling great. “I was above 90 kilos, but I have currently lost six kilograms,” she said. “I feel so much better and I have more energy.”

The launch of Kyallo Kulture was a major event for Betty and her sisters, Mercy and Gloria. The show has been a hit with viewers and the sisters are excited to share more of their lives with fans in the upcoming season.

“We are so excited to be back for a second season,” Betty said. “This season, we will be sharing even more of our lives with you. We will be talking about our relationships, our careers, and our families. We hope you enjoy it!”

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