Bishop Kanyari replaces ‘310 panda mbegu’ with  ‘miracle money’ encourages his congregation to give back to God

I feel like saying Bishop Kanyari is back in business…which unfortinately might offend his followers – but incase you missed it, the preacher is back to building some wealth for the kingdom of God through Miracle money.

Bishop Kanyari aka Bishop Mwangi.

Yes just like you read it, it’s now Miracle money more or less of panda mbegu. Actually it reminds me of those Jesma papers where you’d read a composition to perfect your writing skills; but the problem was – the whole class had the same Jesma book, meaning in the end – our compositions sounded the same and believe me the only difference was the different writers. Potato potato. Copy and paste.

Tbt: Pastor Kanyari

Anyway the Bishop is said to have been running the scheme for a while now until he was recorded telling his congregation to give Ksh 500 as offering; and in return he then reward each one of them with Sh30k.

Kanyari defends himself

Okay wait….at this point I really want to ask….did Kanyari and Nganga attend the same school or did they have the same mathematics teacher because….hii mazimatics italetea mtumishi too much loss. Ksh 500 for Ksh 30k? Please send me pin to the church.

Anyway with the recording making rounds on social media, the Bishop recently held an interview with Mpasho where he spoke on the miracle money…now that many believe it’s another scheme to make money.

Bishop Kanyari

When asked about the offering, Victor
Kanyari who now goes by the name of Bishop Mwangi said;

I have never stolen or forced anyone to send us money. You send me money, and God rewards you with more money

On whether he has rewarded any members of his church with the said Sh 30k – Bishop Mwangi in response said;

Look for Sh100 bob or any amount and send it to us and God will open doors for you. So many come back to say they were blessed after sending money to us.

Sharing advise on how to run a church…the Bishop discouraged the idea saying the Church has no money…

Church has no money, so it’s like free service. I would not brag about receiving a lot of money since in most cases, we are the ones who help others.


If you open a church and make it a business, it will be hard for you since it has no money. You would rather open a kiosk and sell vegetables. In church, it can only be God.

But then again…is he not in the same business? I mean would he really be in the ministry if he is not benefiting one way or another? Just asking.

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