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Blame Game! Jimal Roho Safi Accuses Amira Of Introducing Him To Amber Ray

September 02, 2021 at 16:51
Blame Game! Jimal Roho Safi Accuses Amira Of Introducing Him To Amber Ray

Flamboyant business man Jimal Roho Safi and his first wife Amira are back at locking horns after a recent exposé;  which has pictured Amira as the one to blame for their failed marriage.

After the drama that befell Syokimau months ago, Jimal’s marriage was on the line since Amira was not willing to allow him back.

On the other hand, his 2nd ex-wife Amber Ray was busy enjoying her single life. She didn’t seem to be bothered by the fiasco and aftermath of the drama.

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The Blame Game

At first, Amira blamed Jimal for the drama, saying that he fueled all of it; and that’s why she was hesitant to let him back.

In his defense, Jimal has also decided to write a cryptic message; blaming Amira for introducing him to Amber Ray.

He also admonished women to avoid introducing their female friends to their lovers;

”Mind the female friends you introduce to your boyfriends/husband. Trust me I know what I am saying”

It’s believed that both Amber and Amira were friends before the whole co-wife mess.

Jimal is probably feeling more than a smatch after losing the love of both Amira and Amber Ray. However, Jimal and Amira were recently spotted at the same coffee house. Could they still be solving their issues?




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