Body like a Maserati! Lilian Muli debuts banging curves in body hugging dress (Photos)

Just because the economy is literally forcing itself on us doesn’t mean life won’t go on and I know some of y’all will hate on Lilian Muli’s curves – but hey iris whar iris!

Anyway fans are now more convinced that Lilian Muli had her body constructed judging from the hot curves she continues to parade on her social media pages. Well – this is because unlike before, Nzisa now has a smaller waist, larger hips and the behind…nyuma iko tu sawa. 

Citizen TV journalist Lilian Muli

If you doubt this then I’m pretty sure the photos shared below will help convince you that Lilian Muli is aging backwards; and another thing is that you can’t tell she’s a mum of two!

New man changing Lilian Muli

Well they say a woman is happy by how she glows and believe this is the happiest and healthiest we have seen Lilian Muli since I started watching her on TV as a young girl.

Lilian Muli serving curves

Her chocolate skintone keeps getting better now that she stopped trying to get lighter and although it may be from her expensive lotions;  we also have to say her new man must be treating her well….hence the glow.

Lilian Muli flaunting what her mama gave her

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