Boniface Mwangi reveals why he was banned from attending president Uhuru’s function in Gilgil

President Uhuru Kenyatta presided over the National Youth Service (NYS) pass out parade in Gilgil on Friday November 16th.

Boniface Mwangi was among Kenyans who were in Gilgil for the NYS pass out parade. The right activist was shocked by how police handle relatives who turned up for the function.

He clashed with authorities after he started taking photos showing how police were confiscating food, drinks and throwing everything on the floor.


Boniface was eventually arrested by the police, he was taken to police station where his photos were deleted before he was set free and banned from attending the NYS function.

“Travelled to Gilgil to attend a relative’s National Youth Service pass out parade. I took pics of the chaos and dirt all over. I was arrested. Produced my press card (I renew my membership every year.) They made some calls, deleted my pics and said l have been banned from attending the event. The chaos, the dirt, police confiscating food, drinks and throwing everything on the floor. No dust bins, no order, and very aggressive language by law enforcers, barking at people. Kenya Police, NYS cadets have sticks to push and hit people. #SemaUkweli,” wrote Boniface Mwangi.





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