Bridget Achieng narrates pain of being rejected by mother-in-law because of her background

Bridget Achieng had a tough upbringing, she was raised in Kibera slum where life was hell. She opened up about her life as a prostitute in a BBC documentary.

The bootyful socialite has faced rejection throughout her life. In a recent interview with Victoria Rubadiri, Bridget revealed that she found love long ago but her would be mother-in-law rejected her because of her poor background.

Tailor’s daughter
Bridget Achieng
Bridget Achieng

Bridget reveals that her boyfriend’s mother didn’t want her to get married to her son because she was only a tailor’s daughter. Her would be mother-in-law told her to look for a man from her own class.

“She was like you’re a daughter of a tailor? you don’t fit her, my son is a prince so if you need to fit in you need to be of the same class. you can’t marry my son you need to be someone you have all the qualities but we need more. we don’t know how to bring you back to the country and say you’re a daughter of a tailor?” said Bridget Achieng.





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