Broke and heavily indebted for a year! Boniface Mwangi celebrates paying off campaign related debts 

Boniface Mwangi recently opened up about how much he spent campaigning in Starehe constituency in the run-up to August 8th 2017 general election.

Speaking during an interview with SDE, Boniface disclosed that he spent close to 18 million shillings, he said his opponents spent much more campaigning.

“I spent about Sh18 million in cash and in kind. My competitors spent five times more. Instead of manifestos, they had lots of ‘moneyfestos.’ Voters didn’t even bother asking, ‘Where is all this money coming from?’ That’s the problem with our politics,” said Boniface Mwangi.

Broke and heavily indebted

In a post on social media, Boniface revealed that he ran out of money and was even forced to sell his wife’s car to raise money for his campaigns.

“You run out of money midway and no one is picking your calls, so you start selling personal things to raise more money (I sold my wife’s car). You start smelling victory, but you have nothing left to sell and you go to a shylock and borrow some money (I did that too). Lose or win, the campaign ends with most candidates in debt. If you win (for those who bribed voters), you get to Parliament and your first order of business is to pay your debts. Then you realise your constituents expect you to pay maternity and school fees,” wrote Boniface in part.

Relief at last

Boniface has finally managed to clear his debts, the controversial rights activists could hide his joy after he paid off campaign related debts.

“As of today, 13th August 2018, l have officially paid all my campaign related debts ?. I feel so goooood! Am debt free. To everyone who walked me on this journey, l have got mad, mad love for you. Thank you,” Boniface tweeted.

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