Brown Mauzo opens up about being raised by a single mother

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, musician Brown Mauzo, known for his past relationship with socialite Vera Sidika, delved into the complexities of parenthood, particularly the challenges he’s faced as a father of five children with multiple baby mamas.

Mauzo, who has never met his biological father, expressed his desire to be an active and present figure in his children’s lives. He draws inspiration from observing families where both parents are actively involved in raising happy and well-adjusted children.

The singer openly discussed the challenges of co-parenting, particularly in the aftermath of his separation from Vera Sidika. “I had never anticipated to have kids grow without me around, but it keeps happening,” he confessed. “I always want to raise my kids with their mother. I am not perfect, but when you get tired of each other, the separation happens. The kid will not be complete. Both parents are very important in the life of children.”

Addressing the issue of child support, Mauzo revealed that some of his baby mamas have not allowed him to contribute financially. Despite his efforts to engage with them, he has faced resistance. “I wish I could do that, but I was trying those close to my baby mamas, like even involving the brother and the nanny, but they told me it was not possible. They put me away.”

Mauzo also shed light on the challenges men face in co-parenting situations, particularly in navigating relationships with baby mamas after breakups. He emphasized the importance of allowing fathers to be actively present in their children’s lives, acknowledging the subtle challenges faced, especially when the child is young.

“Baby mamas, you expect them to be different until the relationship fails,” he observed. “That is when you will know they are the same. The greatest challenge is to raise kids in a broken marriage.”

Mauzo’s candid revelations provide insights into the complexities of parenthood, particularly in situations where multiple partners are involved. His experiences highlight the importance of open communication, cooperation, and shared responsibility in ensuring the well-being of children.

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