Brown Mauzo reveals Vera Sidika converted to Islam for their marriage

For the first time, musician Brown Mauzo, real name Fredrick Mutinda, has discussed his union with socialite Vera Sidika.
According to Mauzo, his relationship with Vera ended in June 2023, but he didn’t make the announcement until August 2023, in an exclusive interview with Nairobi News.
Mauzo further discloses that he had left the marriage several times before the final separation for different reasons that did not correspond with his objectives.
“It was a wonderful marriage, characterised by behaviours beyond anything I had ever encountered. He remarked, “Vera did things that surprised me.”
Mauzo wished that people would not focus on the subject of who started the connection.

“I prefer not to delve into the specifics of how our love story began, as I want to maintain a positive perspective on her side. As long as we were okay, that is what matter. At the time, our relationship began, she resided in Mombasa,”

Vera’s decision to convert to Islam in order to conform to his religious beliefs is one of the memorable moments and acts of love Mauzo acknowledges in her life.

“One day, she called me expressing her desire to convert to Islam saying she wanted us to be a Muslim couple. This was a significant sacrifice she made for the sake of our relationship and I gave in,”

According to Mauzo, Vera converted and took on the Muslim name Zara.

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